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All halyards and sheets are made from British made pre-stretched polyester Braid on Braid. This is a very low stretch, easy to splice and ideal for both sheets and halyards. Various solid and flecked colours are available in sizes from 6mm - 18mm. The ideal solution to all your running rigging needs.

Ready made for the Albin Vega
Main Halyard with soft eye splice£32.0010mm
Genoa Halyard with soft eye splice£34.0010mm
Spinnaker Halyard with soft eye splice£30.008mm or 10mm
Topping Lift with soft eye splice£24.006mm or 8mm
Genoa Sheets (per pair)£28.0010mm
Spinnaker Sheets (per pair)£42.008mm or 10mm
Mainsheet with soft eye splice£30.0010mm
Nylon hard eye splice£14.006/8/10mm
Main Halyard Shackle (316 Stainless)£18.50Captive Pin
Genoa Halyard Shackle (316 Stainless)£18.50Half turn
Spinnaker Snap Shackle£35.50Quick Release

Complete Running Rid Special Offer: Main, Genoa, Spinnaker Halyards, Topping Lift, Mainsheet and a pair of Genoa Sheets. £170 only

For any other rope or cordage requirements please enquire. Our prices will beat most mail order and Chandleries. All splices are professionally finished for maximum safety and peace of mind.

Mooring lines available to your exact specification. Three strand nylon or polyester. Anchor Braid also available. Call for your requirements.

Straight off the Reel Prices Braid on Braid (pre-stretched polyester)
DiammeterPrice per metre