IFR 2010 - Hindeloopen, Isselmeer, The Netherlands

Aerial view of Hindeloopen, Isselmeer

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IFR 2010 Logo

IFR 2010 Logo - Hindeloopen

Dear fellow VEGA-sailors, The 23rd IFR will be held in the Netherlands, in the village of Hindeloopen, a beautiful spot on the IJsselmeer coast. The Kring of VEGA-Zeilers of the Netherlands is preparing the bi-annual international meeting, an opportunity for you to meet new and old VEGA-friends, to compete in the international VEGA-regatta, to explore other sailing waters and to enjoy a vacation abroad. Hindeloopen is a beautiful old city in the province of Friesland. It is almost a museum; small and full of history. The marina of Hindeloopen though has all facilities you could wish:

Modern facilities, both sanitary and facilities for reparations, boatlift, fuel, etc.

Shops nearby, lunchrooms, restaurants, terraces, beaches.

Sport facilities such as tennis, squash, fitness, sauna, swimming pool, etc.

Overnight accommodation: both camping and apartments.

The preliminary Program for the IFR 2010 is as follows:

Thursday 15th July Welcome and registration of boats and sailors, the Opening ceremony.

Friday 16th July Rest day and opportunity to meet each other, possibility to see the surroundings, a guided tour through Hindeloopen, VODA bi-annual meeting, the regatta briefing.

Saturday 17th July First racing and cruising day and sailors dinner in the evening.

Sunday 18th July Second racing and cruising day and informal get together.

Monday 19th July Organized excursion to several points of interest in Friesland during the day and the Regatta Dinner in the evening with award ceremony and speeches.

Tuesday 20th July Closing ceremony and farewell.

Hindeloopen: (West Frisian: Hylpen; Hindeloopen Frisian: Hynljippen) is an old city on the North of the Netherlands on the IJsselmeer. It lies within the municipality of Nijefurd. It is famous because of the Hindeloopen art and Hindeloopen costume. Hindeloopen is one of the eleven cities of Friesland.

Hindeloopen Flag

Hindeloopen Flag

  • Dates of the IFR. To be announced.
  • Place of the IFR. Hindeloopen (Isselmeer), The Netherlands.
  • Expected numbers. Vegas and personnel.

History Hindeloopen received city rights in 1225 and in 1368 it became a member of the Hanseatic-league. Since the 12th and 13th century, shippers of Hindeloopen undertook journeys to the North and Baltic Sea Coasts. The strong overseas connections with foreign countries and infrequent contact with the hinterland were probably the reasons for the developing of the Hindeloopen language; a mixture of West Frisian, English, Danish, and Norwegian. The shipping trade brought the population of Hindeloopen a great prosperity. The 17th and 18th century were especially golden times. At that time, the people of Hindeloopen spent a lot of money in Amsterdam on precious fabrics and objects, which were supplied through the Dutch East India Company (VOC). The rich town developed in those days her own costume and a completely individual style with colorful painted walls and furniture.

In the small streets some seacaptains houses remind of this time of glory. You can see an anchor hanging on the facades of these houses, in those years a sign, that the captain could still accept freight. In summertime when the captain was at sea, the captain's wife lived with the children in the so called “Likhus”. A little house behind the captain's house at the waterline.

Sights In the old centre you can get a feel for Hindeloopen's unique character by wandering through the narrow streets and looking for the lovely views, the typical wooden bridges and characteristic facades. In the Museum Hindeloopen you can become acquainted with the rich maritime history and living culture of Hindeloopen, which manifests itself in the rich Hindeloopen art and in the fine old costumes.